KIZMET Geospatial Services is a global service provider, delivering technology driven innovative business solutions that integrate geographic information from AM/FM/GIS/CAD services. Our leading edge approaches and technologies for data collection, processing and management ensure highly accurate solutions that allow you to overcome complex challenges with confidence.

Key Facts

  • Maintenance of IT/GIS Systems
  • Data integrity issues
  • Maintaining and tracking assets and resources
  • Integrating legacy data repositories

Kizmet Offerings

KIZMET Geospatial offer services with the primary objective of providing best innovative solutions and database updates to enhance the efficiency and quality of the product, with significant experience in providing Geospatial data and application development to clients worldwide.
Our Geospatial Services include:
  • GIS Implementation Roadmap, GIS Technology Evaluation, Application/Data Migration Strategy, Business System Integration
  • Preparing and updating of spatial data, analyzing existing dataset, data conversion, modeling, integration services, Data QA/QC Services.
  • GIS data models, Application development, GIS enabled - infrastructure planning services, assets and facilities, Integration with business systems
  • Outsourced geospatial operations support, Application maintenance, Remote Management services

Our Geospatial platform and vendor independent approach allows us to use the best-of-breed technologies from AutoCAD, Micro Station, MapInfo, Arc GIS, to develop successful solutions.
  • Flood Mapping
  • Geological Resource Mapping
  • Local Area Plan Mapping
  • Parcel Mapping
  • Marine Navigation Mapping
  • Utility Mapping (Water, Electrical, Gas and Telecom)
  • Rail &Road Network of Urban and Rural Mapping
  • Real Estate Mapping
  • Historical Land use Mapping
  • Transport Mapping
  • Topographic Mapping
  • Cadastral Mapping


  • Cost effectiveness ensures high ROI
  • Efficient asset and work force management
  • Lower cost service with better coverage
  • Avoidance of data degradation