Software quality assurance and testing plays a critical role in our process framework, which tends to focus on client satisfaction and high quality software products. Our testing team reduces your business costs by finding out the defects at an early stage and quality assurance team expedites time to market, reduces costs, and provides high quality deliverables ensuring your business for higher levels of confidence.
KIZMET QA team is fully equipped with world class QA tools and processes along with the latest knowledge and the team is well suitable in understanding the business objectives, technical and functional requirements by boosting software application quality, performance and availability while administrating the costs and risks for our clients. KIZMET QA focuses not only on technology bus also our clients specific needs and or on delivering results that provide real business value.

Key Facts

  • Delivering a product with good quality on time, with best possible end user experience
  • Focus more on customer business, domain and market, balance need for QA and speed to market
  • Work on new technologies
  • Eliminate risk of product failure and revenue loss
  • Align QA and testing services with agile software development
  • Expert QA and testing engineers

Kizmet Offerings

We offer exhaustive solutions to support projects from their initiation to completion; including implementations, upgrades and customizations of QA & Testing processes, methods and tools.
Our QA & Testing proposition covers the following areas
  • Defect Management
  • White & black box testing
  • Configuration Management
  • Process evaluations and process audits
  • Release Management
  • Compliance testing
  • Metrics and reporting structures
  • Performance and functional testing
  • Browser compatibility testing
  • User acceptance testing
  • Implementation of QA process
  • Compatibility and security testing
  • Web services
  • Concurrent testing (multiple users)


  • Keen focus on Integration testing
  • Pre-baked test cases
  • Completely integrated and flexible collaboration based test management system

Our Services
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