Security is considered with ensuring legitimate use, maintaining confidentially, data integrity and auditing in the network. Security Management involves identifying the assets, threats and vulnerabilities and taking proactive measures, which if not done may lead to misuse of computing systems.
KIZMET Security and User Management services group delivers security solutions through consulting methodologies, processes and tools that help clients secure the identity of the right business system, and transact or terminate an on demand business process.

Key Facts

  • Protection against unauthorized access
  • Proper user administration

KIZMET Offerings

KIZMET provides security and user management as an out of the box service, by considering the objectives. As security logic is completely separate from the management application's business logic, KIZMET platform provides an environment where other applications can seamlessly integrate into the platform to utilize the security services.
  • Management of users, authorizations and roles
  • Network level security
  • Managing user master records
  • Security at the database level
  • Transport system - Level Security
  • Security at the presentation layer
  • Application level security
  • Document transfer level security
  • Secure Network Communications
  • Internet level security


KIZMET well skilled administrators manage the security management environment and team has expertise in
  • Authentication
  • Access control
  • Security data store
  • Audit
  • Pluggable logic
  • Authorization


  • Secure and manage all the user accounts
  • Save Infrastructure and all IT assets from attacks

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