In today's environment the importance of aligning IT and Business processes has materialized as a key factor for market success and higher return on investment. Therefore a KIZMET Service Enablers (KSE) as described below will facilitate an IT organization to achieve its business goals.

The general framework defined by KIZMET is a Business Delivery Process that employs a gates process. It is primarily based on a progression of steps from the initial formalization of a change idea through to the final release of its implementation and go-live at which point it becomes an integral and crucial part of business operations.

KSE Broadly Categorized as below

KIZMET Offerings

  • Application Framework:
    Provides multiple integration gateways
  • Web Core Framework:
    Existing functionality from the pre-built web applications can be quickly be reused to form new custom applications
  • Testing Framework:
    Provides comprehensive test management platform
  • Monitoring Framework:
    To monitor enterprise integration layer for core industry middleware's