KIZMET SaaS Framework is an integrated set of tools, components, and automation services for achieving excellence in SaaS operations. KIZMET SaaS Framework opens the door to efficient service operation process, helps to maintain optimal Total Cost of Ownership, significantly decreases time to market, and provides a specific solution to meeting the desired Service Level Agreement with your end users.
A critical success factor of your SaaS application is its architecture. The SaaS application delivery is a single instance, one-to-many model which is supported by a multi-tenant Framework. Migrating from a traditional, isolated software delivery model to a SaaS model requires a paradigm shift in architectural design and application development methodology.
KIZMET SaaS Framework consists of a robust, layered architecture built on Open Source Technologies. The Framework is geared towards enabling rapid SaaS application development while reducing development cost and easily embeds all critical SaaS architectural elements.

KIZMET Offerings

  • Decreases the customer acquisition costs
  • Increases monthly recurring revenue
  • Reduces risk